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"PWC Report on "The world in 2050"- India tops the growth league table



"Tarun Khanna's book on "How China and India are reshaping their futures and yours" As observed by Ram Narayanan




"While the site is updated at least once a week, you get, in addition, special email Dispatches, from time to time, which are not uploaded on the site. These concern India, US-India relations and the security aspects of their relationship.

Many on the distribution list -- which is now nearing, 17,000 -- have been offering their feedback, which comes to Mr.Ram Narayanan. Some of them have suggested establishing a forum or blog in which they could publish their responses and which others on the list could see and perhaps further comment on.

To meet that need, Ram Narayanan have set up a US-India Friendship blog at

Mr. Ram Narayanan has made the first posting on that blog. and has extend a cordial invitation to you to visit the blog at and offer your comments?",




"Recession in the US, policy options for India" Rajiv Kumar, Hindustan Times February 19, 2008

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"American India Foundation:

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"The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has just published an important study on India’s Trade Policy Choices: Managing Diverse Challenges.What is that?: Find out here: ."


"What Happening in Rural India""CLICK HERE"


Embassy of India, Washington D.C. (Washington D.C.)


The Consulate General of India (Chicago)


News about India (India)


India-News (BBC) (India)



"US-India Friendship Alliance Inc."A 100% not-for-profit, all-in-one resource for Indian Americans and friends of India on current issues relevant to US-India relations.")


"The George Foundation" in India that work about Project Shanti Bhavan , Health Project and more.... ("The George Goundation")




Phone Card Help (Phone Card)


Cooking Help - Recipe (Indian Cooking)



IMAGE INDIA, Pictures, photographs, photos, images, Indian heritage, historic places, scenery

A photographic compilation of Indian art, sculpture, architecture and scenic beauty.Includes some historic notes. Concentrates on India's lesser known but historically important sites.It has been an eye ... invaders and colonial lords - little of India's historical legacy survives intact ... India Resource. History of Indian Art and Culture ...


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